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The go-to sneaker for moms - the OG Sneaker flexes and molds to meet the changing needs of pregnant and postpartum moms.



Estimated Ship Date: October 2021
(Due to covid, expected ship date may change)

At Ollie Gray, we’re always pushing ourselves — in our ideas, our product design, our styles, our colors. Our mission is to change the way you view maternity. That means doing things that have never been done before — like creating our first-ever maternity shoe. We designed the Ollie Gray line of maternity footwear because pregnancy isn’t only about our bellies and our boobs. Our feet take a beating, too, and until now, the solutions have been limited to shelving your pre-pregnancy shoes in favor of something a little more functional and a lot less attractive.

We believe moms deserve better. You deserve a shoe that offers comfort and support without sacrificing style. Our advice? Push yourself to expect more. Push yourself to take a breath and take a break. Push yourself to BUY. THE. SHOES.

What you’ll love:

  • Breathability - We select knit fabrics that offer superior breathability so you can wear them all day long, from the gym to the store to the office and back.
  • Flexibility - Our sneaker is designed for maximum flexibility, so it can adapt to your feet as they change throughout pregnancy and after.
  • Support — The extra (and perfectly healthy) weight that comes with pregnancy can put added pressure on your feet and arches. We partnered with Vibram — the gold standard when it comes to soles — to make sure our sneaker provides extra support where you need it most.
  • Style — Our shoes have to look good to make you feel good. That’s why The OG Sneaker comes will come in a variety of colorways. First up, OG ROSE

The details:

  • Supportive Vibram Sole
  • Over the belly heel pull
  • Adjustable toggle with stretchy Lace - additional reflective lace included
  • Expansion stretch knit for swollen feet
  • Super lightweight design to reduce stress on feet/ankles

Sizing Chart: Fit is true to size. If in doubt, order half size smaller. 

US Inches Europe UK
5 8 1/2 35/36 3
5.5 8 3/4 36 3.5
6 8 7/8 36/37 4
6.5 9 1/16 37 4.5
7 9 1/4 37/38 5
7.5 9 3/8 38 5.5
8 9 1/2 38/39 6
8.5 9 11/16 39 6.5
9 9 7/8 39/40 7
9.5 10 40 7.5
10 10 3/16 40/41 8
10.5 10 5/16 41 8.5
11 10 1/2 41/42 9

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