The OG Origin Story

Moms get s*** done. Our story is as simple as that.

When our co-founder, Kate Rech, had her first child, she couldn’t find a bra that did everything it needed to. So she and her husband, Bryce, made one — and didn’t stop there. They knew moms didn’t need another maternity wear company; they needed a better one — a company that made innovative, fashion-forward products that work for this crazy beautiful phase of life.

So often, moms buy what will get us by until our bodies bounce back, until we stop nursing, until we’re back in those pre-pregnancy jeans. At Ollie Gray, we think that’s just wrong. We believe women are beautiful, powerful and perfect at every stage of life — motherhood included. We also believe you should treat yourself to maternity and postpartum clothing that works for where you are now. Think of it as an investment in your comfort, your confidence and your sanity. (TBH, we’ve heard our products are so damn good, moms wear them long after they’ve kicked pumps and onesies to the curb.)

Ollie Gray is changing the way you view maternity — because we believe you and your body deserve more.

Changing the Way You View Maternity is in our DNA

Where It Started

Homemade pump bras and endless wardrobe changes were at the root of the launch of Ollie Gray. Why cant maternity wear combine both fashion and function? Co-founder Kate Rech has been on a mission to change the way you view maternity since 2015.

Our Mission

Create: Innovative maternity wear
Expand: The functionality and design of existing staples
Connect: With the motherhood community

A True Challenger Brand

The new mom wants both function and fashion when they step out. And because of this, moms do not have a reliable, full-service resource to turn to in the space of maternity wear. Ollie Gray is challenging what maternity wear has been in the past and setting the tone for what they should be in the future.

Our Founders

“We love what we’ve built with Ollie Gray, and we love what we get to do for all the moms out there. Motherhood is the toughest job in the world, and if we can make it just a little bit easier — a little more comfortable, a little more fun, a little more fierce — we’ll call that a win.”

— Kate & Bryce Rech