The Perfect Fit

Finding the right bra size is tricky without the added complication of unpredictable pregnancy boobs. So if you’ve got questions about the Anywhere Bra and what size is best for you, we get it, and we’re here to help.

The first thing to know: The Anywhere Bra is athleisure-style, so it’s made to be supportive and comfortable. What does that mean? It stretches, and it was designed to accommodate the sometimes daily changes in the size and shape of your breasts.

Pro tip: We recommend ordering as close to your due date as possible so you have the chance to get more familiar with the changes in your breast size. The first couple months aren’t always a good gauge for the size you’ll be toward the end of your pregnancy and postpartum.

How to find your size: We’ve created this easy-to-use chart to help you find your way to the right fit. Use your usual bra size (pre-pregnancy) to find your way to the Anywhere Bra equivalent. (Ever shopped for a pair of tights? Same concept here!)

Not sure about your size? Click here.